Commodity Trading Apps: Advantages Of Market Digitalization

5 Examples How Digitalization Is Driving Change in Commodity Market

Financial markets are seeing an increase in the use of automated tools, however innovation is still low in the commodity industry. What exactly does digitalization mean in this business and why must market players embrace the digital future and start using the commodity trading platform actively?

Unlike derivative transactions, which are settled through clearinghouses, the physical commodity market lacks digital confirmation to reconcile prices, payment and delivery terms set by the buyer and seller — automatically and in real-time. …

You can read the first part of this article here. For those who for some reason don’t like to follow the links, let me remind you briefly: in the first part, we made a retrospective of fintech trends in 2020 and delved into the first 5 trends in 2021.

So what in my opinion awaits us next?

6. Hyper-Personalization in banking

Banks are moving into the segment of sales of packaged digital products and personalize various services for customer needs. For example, a personalized financial plan for a young couple, for a student, for older people, and so on.


FinTech is a growing industry at the intersection of technology and financial services. This is a powerful incentive for technological progress, which expands its influence on different sectors of the economy, allowing them to develop. For example, FinTech has been most active in consumer services, banking, money transfers, payments, insurance, asset and capital management. The industry is revolutionizing the way businesses and consumers conduct financial transactions.

In 2020, businesses continue to develop in digital-native scenarios: the consumer lives the digital experience, and businesses are built among platforms and ecosystems, companies can influence user behaviour more effectively and faster. …

Startup Idea Matrix by Eric Stromberg

Ideas are the new currency of the 21st century. Sometimes they are more valuable than money.

For example, the well-known story of Mark Zuckerberg turning down Yahoo’s offer of $1 billion. He would’ve made $250 million, but rejected it in ten minutes’ time. As Peter Thiel put it: ideas were more valuable to Mark than money.

However, there is always the question of how to create good ideas, sell them and negotiate the highest value for them. …

Illustration by Boyko

Investment app development has become a new trend in the financial world. Do you want to start your day with a latte and invest some money in your future at the same time? Micro-investing is a savvy practice that can help you do it. Micro-investing apps are a convenient solution that implies a set-it-and-forget-it approach and allows you to contribute to your budget continuously.

There is a lot of sense of why so many people around the world are using micro-investing apps. Connecting to your debit card, they round up purchases to the dollar and automatically transfer the spare change…

The wealth industry is in the middle of considerable changes. The COVID-19 crisis has collapsed the whole industry. Companies are now embracing the latest technological solutions to fulfill the expectations of a new generation of investors. We will see asset firms to utilize mobile apps, Big Data, AI, and more. In this article, we uncover the accelerating trends in wealth management (WM) to revamp your business.

#1 Post-COVID continuity plans

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, online wealth management platforms started to intensify fees and raise concerns regarding social and governance factors. The COVID-19 outbreak has posed many challenges.

Illustration by Uran

Today is featured by the fast transition into the digital world. After the global lockdown, many businesses have started rethinking their processes, and the banking industry isn’t an exception. We witness the increasing demand for mobile applications in the financial sector. Many modern banks are developing their own apps to stay in touch with their customers anytime and from anywhere, regardless of a lockdown.

Do you also want to address the new needs of your tech-savvy customers in the digital age and learn more about the pros and cons of mobile-only banking? …

Illustration by Michael Driver

The rapid spread of coronavirus that first emerged in China and now affected the whole world has led to an unprecedented jump in the global market. The business impact of coronavirus is noticed in every sector, from education to healthcare.

Now Wall Street is going through its worst period since the Great Depression times and it has already reported about the biggest fall in value (over $5 trillion in losses). The virus outbreak is now one of the biggest threats for the global economy with many businesses forced to close down.

However, the main reason is not the number of…

Illustration by Arun Raj Kumar

The novel coronavirus outbreak has become an unexpected challenge for the global economy and businesses. There is no safe place to hide from the consequences caused by “the black swan of 2020.” They are inevitable for each and everyone, in every industry. We should be brave and get ready to put the flexibility of current business models, the professionalism of teams, and the effectiveness of management at test. Companies are bracing themselves for the turbulence of upcoming times.

Some businesses see this situation as a predictable economy collapse, some of them, on the contrary, perceive it as the high time…

Illustration by Faze

Today, many companies are facing challenges in adopting data analytics. The digital era requires full compliance of businesses with the new terms and conditions dictated by digital space and huge volumes of data inside. It is the only way to survive in the modern market.

In this article, we will overview techniques that will help you drive business efficiency and deploy all the power of Big Data. Only proven tactics backed on the first-hand experience of S-PRO experts and senior leaders of major companies. …

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