Customer-oriented FinTech: 10 key trends in 2021

  • Enhancement of customer experience in banking services
  • New banking products. Crossing of financial products
  • Rising popularity of cryptocurrencies

FinTech 2020. Retrospective

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the fintech industry

Fintech trends in 2021. What is expected?

“In 2021, in the field of banking, there will be an emphasis on improving the customer experience, KYC, and onboarding processes.”

“The bank can be more effective in dealing with debtors if it’s able to interact properly with them: through a mobile application, chatbots, or automatic write-offs, rather than through collectors.”

“The African market is strategically interesting both for countries and for companies, so business goes there from different directions.”



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Igor Izraylevych

Igor Izraylevych


Co-founder and CEO of S-PRO, Entrepreneur, Advisor & Expert in Mobility & IT Strategy. Custom solutions for enterprise and startups