Exhausted with Bugs? 8 Test Design Techniques You Need to Know

What Is a Test Design Technique, Its Types and How to Put It to Practice with Real Examples from an Existing Project

What is testing?

Testing is the process of collecting and providing information about how the software works, how it meets the needs of users. It allows you to make decisions whether the application is ready for use or not.

Testing stages

The testing process can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Planning and control
  2. Test analysis and design
  3. Implementation and execution of tests
  4. Evaluation of exit criteria and reporting
  5. Test closure activities

The goal

Our goal is the minimum of tests and the maximum of checks and defects detected.

  • what to test and what not to test
  • what data to use to test the operation of the application and
  • how the system should react to the input data.

3 Categories of Test Design Techniques

Test design techniques can be defined as high level verification steps that are created to design a product or software that is free from all kinds of defects. Test design techniques can be derived from business scenarios and are categorized based on the type of testing.

  • states — conditions in which the system expects events. The states “remember” the inputs received by the system in the past and determine how the system should react to subsequent events.
  • transitions — changes in states caused by a certain event.
  • events (inputs) — what causes the system to change the state.
  • actions — what happens as a result of a change in state, they cause output.
Decision table
Case #1 of the decision table
Case #2 of the decision table
Case #3 of the decision table
Case #4 of the decision table


Each technique focuses on certain characteristics, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a technique that examines the upper and lower input boundaries will find boundary value defects, but may not take into account the combination of inputs into different fields.



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