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Startup Idea Matrix by Eric Stromberg

Ideas are more valuable than money

Check-list: review your startup idea for validity

Blue Ocean strategy

How to brainstorm startup ideas: techniques and tools

  • Notebook. Capture and store all ideas in one place. All developments will be at hand, they’ll be able to stimulate the birth of new ideas in the future. Also, you can return to them after brainstorming.
  • Colouring markers. The use of different colours is important both for the aesthetic component of brainstorming and for systematization and differentiation of ideas.
  • Whiteboard or flipchart. Especially important in the case of group brainstorming. You want to get enough room so as not to save space in the creative process.
  • Adhesive stickers. Their advantage is that they can be moved to other surfaces.
    You will get a flexible map of your creative process.
  • Recorder. Formulate the thought out loud before writing it down on a notebook or on a whiteboard. Discussing your ideas with your partner helps to concretize the direction of your thinking, stimulates the emergence of derivative ideas.



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