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Startup Idea Matrix by Eric Stromberg

Ideas are the new currency of the 21st century. Sometimes they are more valuable than money.

Ideas are more valuable than money

As you can see, in nowadays reality, simple ideas are the basis for the success of many companies. For example, Instagram has created a photo service only for smartphones. Nowadays 1 billion people use Instagram every month.

Check-list: review your startup idea for validity

Blue Ocean strategy

Need something else for inspiration? Well, there is a great book “Blue Ocean Strategy” by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. You should definitely read it, it will be a great investment in yourself. The approach that is described in this book is very simple: to create something new all you need to do is just mix two spheres or two working ideas. You can do it endlessly.

How to brainstorm startup ideas: techniques and tools

Brainstorming new business ideas can be done either on your own or in a group. The goal is to create as many ideas as possible, which can be analyzed in detail for their viability and compliance with your life goals.
Here are 6 techniques to help you productively brainstorm new startup ideas.

  • Colouring markers. The use of different colours is important both for the aesthetic component of brainstorming and for systematization and differentiation of ideas.
  • Whiteboard or flipchart. Especially important in the case of group brainstorming. You want to get enough room so as not to save space in the creative process.
  • Adhesive stickers. Their advantage is that they can be moved to other surfaces.
    You will get a flexible map of your creative process.
  • Recorder. Formulate the thought out loud before writing it down on a notebook or on a whiteboard. Discussing your ideas with your partner helps to concretize the direction of your thinking, stimulates the emergence of derivative ideas.

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