How to Build a Stunning Food Delivery App like Grubhub or UberEATS


The Key Issues of a Foodtech Platform Development

  • men/women who don’t have time for cooking
  • couples with/without children who order foods for the weekend
  • corporate dinners
  • student parties
  • holidays/events
  • location
  • services
  • customers
  • success stories and failures
  • profit and loss
  • part-time or full-time drivers
  • hire employees or rely on freelancers
  • choose a required type of transport — bicycle, scooter, car, small truck
  • partnership with third-party delivery service
  • climate zone, transport development, and roads conditions in the region are no less important
  • fast delivery
  • Customers should have a streamlined website, convenient list of restaurants, simple menu layout, and easy online food ordering.
  • The restaurant team should have order an management platform, CRM and CMS systems, minimal human interference, and maximal process automation.
  • Drivers should have an access to the list of orders and necessary external services.

UI/UX Design

How It Looks in Practice

Tech Stack





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