Most Effective Productivity Hacks for Startup CEO’s

Effective productivity hacks

#1. Keep up the good health

  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat healthy food
  • Sleep enough
  • Have enough rest
  • Listen to music

# 2. Get rid of the extra

  • Remove distractions
  • Write all down
  • One task at a time
  • Practice focus sprints
  • Organize the working space
  • Say “No”

#3. Make the right plans

  • Build a long-term plan
  • Create a short-term plan
  • Prioritize the main tasks
  • Delegate
  • Limit non-essential decisions

#4. Learn from the greatest

  • No meetings day
  • A work-from-home day
  • Get rid of the office
  • Use a white board for the tasks listing
  • Use a post-it note with 3 most important tasks for a day
  • Add the “sent from iPhone” signature to email
  • Get to the office earlier than the rest
  • A 2-minute rule
  • Do the least desirable task first

How to make those hacks work

  • Choose the one that sparks your interest the most.
  • Input it into your plan immediately and make a commitment to stick to that plan.
  • At the end of the week evaluate what positive (or if so happened, negative) effect it had on you and decide whether it is worth to implement in your everyday routine.




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Igor Izraylevych

Igor Izraylevych


Co-founder and CEO of S-PRO, Entrepreneur, Advisor & Expert in Mobility & IT Strategy. Custom solutions for enterprise and startups